Food and Dairy

DP Seals meets the Food & Dairy industry exacting standards for food grade custom rubber seals

DP Seals understands that design engineers in the food and dairy sectors have exacting standards for rubber sealing materials and components.

Precision manufacturers of food & dairy custom rubber gaskets, seals and mouldings

DP Seals supply chemically resistant food grade rubber seals and mouldings for the food and dairy industry. Fully compliant for industry practises such as Clean in Place (CIP) and Steam in Place (SIP) and high temperature steam sterilisation. We can advise on suitable materials and grades to ensure compliance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 177.2600, new antibacterial (silver) additives and platinum based cure systems, United States Pharmacopeia (USP Class VI), 3-A Sanitary Standards (3-A) and EC Regulation 1935/2004. We can also provide WRAS (Water board) approved rubber grades.

Rubber materials expertise built on 40 years of experience

Developing custom rubber gaskets, seals and mouldings for the varied and innovative requirements of our many customers over 40 years has enabled us to build an unrivalled in-depth knowledge of rubber material performance. Material selection is key to helping our customers achieve their objectives and we have experience in working with neoprenes, nitriles, EPDM, HNBR and cutting edge polymers like, silicone fluoroelastomer, nanotech additives and fillers through to Viton Extreme and perfluoroelastomers like FFKM. Working closely with customers, we continually research and innovate to develop exactly the right blend of rubber compound for the required application resulting in enhanced longevity, improved performance and the best cost/benefit approach.

You can be assured of the quality of our custom rubber gaskets, seals and mouldings

Starting with material blend selection, through tool development and prototype mouldings to volume delivery, DP Seals specialists support all stages of manufacturing, from polymer material preparation through cleaning to inspection and quality assurance; this latter is fully integrated into the company’s rigorous AS 9100 quality regimen, which incorporates ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

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Fluorinated piston seals
These Fluorinated piston seals – used in the food industry – allow the piston to move smoothly, maintain air tight operation and prolong longevity through reduced friction, saving time and money on maintenance and replacement.

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