Specialist Automotive Rubber

Precision automotive seals, gaskets and mouldings

DP Seals is an experienced precision automotive seals manufacturer for companies across the world. Wherever safety and quality is critical DP Seals plays a leading role. From a high-spec natural rubber ball for hydraulic engine mounts to piston seals for brake calipers. More recently we have been producing engine sensor and gearbox seals for Ford.

Specialised flash free rubber components manufactured to the highest tolerances

When it comes to unwieldy large volumes of mass manufactured parts, that’s not what DP Seals are about. If you require specialist rubber components manufactured to the highest tolerances in the industry today then come to us. We can produce flash free mouldings capable of withstanding everything that high-performance motoring can throw at us. 

Often we’ll work together with Automotive Engineers in the first production stages to design and prototype high-performance seals. Customers benefit from our advanced knowledge of materials to produce a component that fully matches the performance and longevity required. 

Rubber materials expertise built on 40 years of experience

Over 40 years developing custom rubber components for the varied and innovative requirements of our customers has enabled us to build an unrivalled knowledge of material performance. We have experience in working with nitriles, neoprenes and silicones through high-performance Viton Extreme and FFKM to cutting edge polymers like silicone perfluoroelastomer and nanotech rubbers.

Material selection is key to helping our customers achieve their objectives and we develop the exact blend required for each application.   This results in enhanced longevity, improved performance and the best cost/benefit approach.

Quality assured automotive seals, gaskets and mouldings

From material blend selection, tool development, prototyping, moulding, cleaning and inspection right through to delivery DP Seals applies a rigorous approach to quality. This is supported by the company’s rigorous AS 9100 quality regimen, which incorporates ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO 45001.

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