Reviewing, reducing, recycling, rejuvenating

DP Seals is committed to sustainable business practices and as such operates an environmental management system to the requirements of ISO 14001. This is an ongoing process for us and we are continually looking for opportunities to improve. In trying to be a good neighbour and reducing our environmental impact here are a few of the things we undertake.



A key part of environmental policy has been reviewing our supplies and suppliers to ensure we’re all doing our best for the environment. This has seen us move to using pure white 100% recycled copier paper and the OceanHero search engine, which recovers the equivalent of 1 bottle worth of plastic from the sea, for every 5 searches we carry out.

Our cleaning chemicals are green friendly and we buy 100% biodegradable tea bags which contain no polypropylene plastic. Everyone knows the importance of a good cuppa! Like most manufacturers since the Coronavirus pandemic our demand for hand soap has gone up dramatically so to help this we buy liquid soap in bulk containers for refilling dispensers.


Of course being environmentally friendly is also about reducing our use and impact where we can. Over the last few years we have managed to reduce our carbon footprint by focusing on more efficient use of energy and water. This has been achieved by moving to a water meter, installing soft start motors on machinery and LED lighting which reduces electricity usage by approximately 75%. In addition all our process fumes are filtered, using synthetic filters which are changed every month.

We have stopped purchasing plastic water bottles and have installed water coolers supplied by AquaAid instead. As part of this AquaAid donate to the Africa Trust who then install water pumps to help deliver fresh drinking water to the people who need it most.


All our waste paper and cardboard is separated and sent for recycling and we only use recycled paper hand towels. Previously we used long life non-recyclable plastic milk pots that have now been replaced by a type that has 50% less packing and are recyclable.


Of course environmental wellbeing goes two ways. We can enjoy our environment whilst also protecting it. In this regard we actively encourage our people to sign up to the government’s Cycling Scheme.

Of course there is more that we can all do. What does your company do? If you have ideas we can learn from we’d be more than happy to hear them. Get in touch with dave@dpseals.com