Custom Rubber Seals

DP Seals manufacture custom rubber seals for a diverse range of industries across the globe. We produce bespoke seals and rubber components in everything from small irregular batches through to 500,000 units per month. All our rubber seals are manufactured to your specific requirements and we can assist with design if required.

Our specialism is in advanced seals, gaskets and mouldings that require high precision and customisation. We are a custom o-ring specialist and also produce rubber diaphragm seals, micro seals, boot seals and other high performance rubber parts. Take a look at some of the rubber seal innovations we’ve delivered over the years and you’ll see the type of challenges we take on.

Material Expertise

Our expertise and knowledge on rubber material selection is respected throughout the industry. We find customers often require specifically blended rubber compounds to meet their application requirements. So, in addition to stocking a wide range of colours and shore hardness we also develop specialist rubber compounds.

To help with initial material considerations take a look at our chemical compatibility database to see which rubber might be best for your needs. Alternatively view our rubber compound data sheets for information on some of the materials we use regularly.

Advanced seals and gaskets

Our in house tooling and manufacturing processes achieve the highest tolerances attainable in rubber parts manufacturing. Building on this our class leading quality control and cryogenic cleaning technology ensure our seals meet the highest industry standards.

Custom seals case studies:


Here’s what one client had to say about us but you can see more of our testimonials here

As someone who has been assessing suppliers for over 20 years it was quite apparent to me that DP Seals are technical experts and industry specialists. In meeting our 4M and QCDES standards it was their personal touch and attention to detail that helped set them apart.

Diaphragm and Boot Seals
Selection of small diaphragm and boot seals.

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Guide to developing custom rubber seals