Custom Rubber Gaskets

DP Seals specialises in manufacturing custom rubber gaskets to the highest tolerances for the harshest environments.

Specialist rubber gaskets

All the gaskets we produce are custom designed and manufactured. We can produce rubber gaskets to any profile or shape for both low volume and high run orders. If you require an off-the-shelf gasket we’ll happily recommend an alternative manufacturer.

Unrivalled expertise as a rubber gasket manufacturer

One of our unrivalled specialities is the production of completely flash free, small aperture, incredibly thin parts. We’re experienced in using very soft grades of rubber down to as low as 10 shore hardness. In combination with our cryogenic cleaning technology and class leading quality control this ensures the rubber gaskets we produce meet the highest possible standards.

Rubber Gasket Services

Gasket Design & Manufacturing

If you need we can assist with design and CAD support.

Custom Compounded Gasket Materials

We can produce gaskets in a wide range of materials, colours and shore hardness. So, if you need a gasket that can be subjected to extreme temperature change, chemicals and hostile environments then give us a call. We take great pride in our expertise in material selection and will help you choose the correct blend to ensure the success and durability of your products.

Gasket 3D Printing & Prototyping

Test and refine your designs before expensive tooling.

Gasket Rubber to Metal Bonding

Download our free guide on our rubber to metal bonding page.

Gasket Tool & Mould Making

One-off mouldings for prototypes or multi-cavity moulds for mass production.

Gasket Fluorination

Greatly reduced friction, enhanced adhesion, increased chemical resistance, controlled permeation and improved wettability.

Gasket Quality Control

Full SPC analysis and quick, efficient, cost-effective flash free cleaning systems.

Rubber Gasket Case Study – One of our toughest challenges!

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Selection of rubber gaskets for motorsport, electronics, aerospace and more.

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