As someone who has been assessing suppliers for over 20 years it was quite apparent to me that DP Seals […]

Limpet Technology

We were particularly impressed with DP Seals’ responsiveness, extensive materials knowledge, engineering expertise, and their competitive pricing. They also identified […]


We were extremely impressed with DP Seals’ materials knowledge and manufacturing quality, and the pro-active role they took in helping […]

Hope Technology

Off-the-shelf seals and o-rings don’t always fit the bill, we often need custom components to meet specific needs, or polymer […]


Off-the-shelf translucent O-rings suffer from too wide a tolerance variance and are often not de-flashed sufficiently, causing the switches to […]

Metro Technologies

One of the keys to maintaining SMT throughput is the rubber mouldings that protect components from the nozzles, they need […]

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