Rubber Moulding Innovations

As custom rubber moulders innovation is in our DNA

At DP Seals we love a challenge more than most. As custom rubber moulders innovation is definitely in our DNA! Here are some of the ways we’ve helped engineers with design problems:

  • Complex sub-millimetre detailing
  • Ensuring electrical isolation
  • Co-moulding of conductive and non-conductive materials
  • Maintaining mating tolerances between connector pins
  • Providing high reliability protection against fluid ingress
  • Developing bespoke materials to survive extremely aggressive environments
  • Producing slits in mouldings that open momentarily at the right time to produce good-sized bubbles capable of stirring effluent
  • Producing rubber mouldings that reduce dust generation
  • Designing and manufacturing mouldings that enhance performance, simplify cleaning and maintenance.
  • Designing rubber safety plugs to relieve internal pressure by incorporating a thin membrane which bursts at either 40 or 70psi
  • Producing connector seals and rubber gaskets that ensure environmental integrity against salt, dust and water

Of course these are just examples of some of the challenges we’ve helped design engineers overcome. If you have a difficult design challenge why not get in touch to see if we can help you too!


By becoming proficient in the use of gas phase fluorination, we are able to achieve precision modifications to the surface properties of plastic, polymers and rubber. This helps us reduce friction and enhance a number of other characteristics in even the smallest and most complex of components.

Creativity, experience, expertise, a focus on quality and our patented moulding process help us do things differently

As you can see from some of our examples above we love to innovate. Supporting our creative thinking we have over 40 years of experience as custom rubber moulders. Over this time we have developed unrivalled materials expertise, a relentless focus on qualityin-house tooling specialism and a patented moulding process to ensure we deliver exactly what you need.

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