Friction falls to fluorination

Gas fluorination is another of the comprehensive range of services DP Seals offers its customers, enabling them to modify the surface properties of components without any effect on the core material itself.

Already used in industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, packaging and construction, gas phase fluorination is a well-proven process that’s equally effective on plastics, polymers and rubber – and can be precisely controlled to deliver consistent and repeatable improvements in a variety of specific criteria.

Greatly reduced coefficient of friction is the principle benefit of fluorination, but it can also be used to enhance adhesion and bonding, increase chemical resistance, control permeation and improve wettability.

Because the gas accesses the entirety of the surface at a molecular level, fluorination is ideally suited to small or complex components, ensuring the desired effects are maintained across all edges, angles, openings and holes.

Fluorinated piston seals
These Fluorinated piston seals – used in the food industry – allow the piston to move smoothly, maintain air tight operation and prolong longevity through reduced friction, saving time and money on maintenance and replacement.