DP Seals 8mm Grommet Seals

As someone who has been assessing suppliers for over 20 years it was quite apparent to me that DP Seals are technical experts and industry specialists. In meeting our 4M and QCDES standards it was their personal touch and attention to detail that helped set them apart.

Limpet Technology

DP Seals Smart Diaphragm Seal

We were particularly impressed with DP Seals’ responsiveness, extensive materials knowledge, engineering expertise, and their competitive pricing. They also identified opportunities to simplify our design, making it easier to manufacture without compromising performance.


Micro mouldings - Rubber components for electronics and instruments - DP Seals

We were extremely impressed with DP Seals’ materials knowledge and manufacturing quality, and the pro-active role they took in helping us develop the solution

Hope Technology

Seals for high performance bike - DP Seals

Off-the-shelf seals and o-rings don’t always fit the bill, we often need custom components to meet specific needs, or polymer blends with very demanding characteristics. DP Seals not only delivers the highest quality backed with very sound engineering, its company ethos is very similar to our own


DP Seals Innovative Weeping O Rings

Off-the-shelf translucent O-rings suffer from too wide a tolerance variance and are often not de-flashed sufficiently, causing the switches to stick. We needed to eliminate this problem to ensure our switches would operate every time, particularly in emergency applications, and so approached DP Seals for a custom solution.

Metro Technologies

DP Seals Carboxylated Moulding For Nozzle Tips

One of the keys to maintaining SMT throughput is the rubber mouldings that protect components from the nozzles, they need to be soft but highly durable. After extensive research of rubber moulding companies, only DP Seals underwrote component performance with the exceptional quality standards we demand to ensure continued zero-defect nozzle delivery.

Ridgemount Technologies

DP Seals Intricate Connector Seal

Through the product development process DP Seals has played a vital role in delivering technical excellence and a first class product in a timely manner. Such service levels and confidence makes managing New Product Introduction relatively stress free!

Mercedes AMG 2018

Mercedes AMG letter (2018)

On behalf of everyone at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) and Mercedes-Benz, we would like to thank you once again for the contribution that you have made towards our success in the 2018 Formula One season, allowing us to win the fifth World Championship title on a row.

Integral Powertrain

It is nice to work with people who support you as best they can, in a fast paced challenging environment. As seal manufacturers go, in my experience DP Seals are head and shoulders above the rest. Long may it continue.


The level of customer service you provided exceeds the level of most companies in the world today. Outstanding. Simply Outstanding.