Design and Manufacturing

A complete rubber seals, gaskets and mouldings design service

As a rubber seals manufacturer with 40 years experience designing and manufacturing rubber seals, gaskets and mouldings is in our DNA. As part of this we partner with design engineers across the globe with specialist advice and CAD support. Our extensive experience allows us to provide design solutions for virtually every type of application. This includes such diverse applications as World Rally Car engines to safety valves for steam cleaners!

Design backed up by in-house tooling and 3D printing means better service and quicker turnaround

We continually invest in new software to simplify interfacing with clients’ design teams and CAD processes. Our latest state-of-the-art CAD and CAM software enables us to:

  • take files from Pro/E, SolidWorks, AutoCAD and other similar packages
  • view and manipulate 3D solid models
  • and identify the most effective layers for our in-house tooling.

Initial prototype runs and small batches through to mass production

From a simple o-ring to a complex multi-part rubber-to-metal bonded product, DP Seals is justifiably proud of its production area. We operate a full range of presses capable of anything from initial prototype runs to mass production. This flexibility enables us to integrate with your Kanban and JIT-enabled processes.

Epoxy resin flooring and an advanced clean air extraction system ensure a comfortable working environment as well as helping to maximise component production efficiency.

Most clients visiting our Poole-based factory for the first time are so impressed they rarely leave without placing an order!

Designing and manufacturing rubber seals, gaskets & mouldings
Our high-efficiency route from your engineer’s desktop to our in-house tool room ensures prototype development in optimum time.

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