Rubber To Metal Bonding

Precision in-tool rubber metal bonding

DP Seals produces a wide variety of rubber metal bonded seals and mouldings for industries as diverse as aerospace, food & dairy, specialist automotive, instrumentation, electronics and motorsport.

We were one of the first companies to successfully bond Optimised HNBR to stainless steel. This means you can expect unrivalled materials knowledge and in-tool moulding expertise when you partner with us.

Our knowledge, experience and expertise will help you solve your rubber metal bonding problems

Got awkward production problems where other companies have failed? Our reputation for innovative problem solving, knowledge and materials expertise have proved invaluable in the production of bonded seals. This is especially true where high performance and longevity in hazardous environments are of paramount importance.

A good example of this would be our work in specialised paper movement technology in the printing industry. Here we develop rubber rollers, bonded drive wheels and bobbins utilising specialist material blends. In this way we achieve exactly the right traction for moving paper through various printing processes.

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Rubber metal bonding - Seals, rollers, subsea boots and more
DP Seals are experts in rubber to metal bonding, utilising innovative solutions and moulding techniques to provide, high performance, high-specification products.