DP Seals granted a UK patent

Poole based seal and moulding specialist, DP Seals, have now been granted a UK patent for their unique tooling and moulding system.

Originally developed by the company’s founder, David Piper, almost 40 years ago, the basic concept was for a moulding tool incorporating locating plates that not only allowed free and easy movement during assembly and disassembly, but could also be locked into position to ensure the closed cavities remained closed and so drastically reduced any potential for flashing.

The combination of practicality and ingenuity immediately gave DP Seals an advantage over their competitors and enabled it to produce small, close tolerance, flashless mouldings that no-one else could match.

The system has been an integral part of its production process ever since and now the ownership of the idea has been signed, sealed and delivered with the
granting of UK patent GB 2 513 012.

Our patented mould system gives us a unique advantage over our competitors.