Viton® Extreme™ (ETP-600S) fluoroelastomers

What is ETP-600S?

ETP-600S is a high performance fluoroelastomer. Fluoroelastomers combine the excellent thermal resistance of Viton® with the unique resistance to chemicals and environments that have historically exceeded the performance of conventional fluoroelastomers, particularly highly caustic applications.

ETP-600S offers significantly improved processing and end-use properties while maintaining the excellent resistance to acids, hydrocarbons and low molecular weight esters, ketones and aldehydes. It has low-temperature flexibility and is inherently resistant to base attack and volume changes in highly caustic solutions, amines and hot water. ETP-600S also has improved compression set resistance, and physical properties, all of which can improve seal performance and life.

What are typical applications of ETP-600S?

It is suitable for environments where FKMs or FEPMs are not satisfactory, such as in automotive – including heavy duty/off-highway vehicles – aeronautical, chemical processing, oil field industries (it was originally developed to resist the sour (H2S) petroleum environments commonly found in the crude oils), as well as the pharmaceutical and food industries. For even more demanding environments it also offers a lower cost alternative to FFKM perfluoroelastomer where fluid swell is not critical.

Viton Extreme and Viton are registered trademarks of DuPont Performance Elastomers.

Product Specifications

Hardness: Shore A (Hint)
Tensile Strength (1000psi)
Tear Resistance
Impact Resistance
Compression Set (Method B, %)
Electrical Resistance (Ω/cm2)
Low Temperature
High Temperature
Intermittent High
Ozone (protected)
Weather and Sunlight
Gas Permeation
Acid/Base – dilute
Acid/Base – concentrated
Solvent – Aliphatic
Solvent – Aromatic
Oils and Gasoline

At DP Seals we pride ourselves on being able to provide specialist advice in selecting and developing exactly the right blend of materials to meet a vast range of performance requirements.

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The information provided here is only a guide to the primary characteristics and uses of ETP-600S. The relationship between material, product performance and blend options is complex.

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