Created : 20th September 2019

Almost any metal can be bonded to rubber

Provided that it can withstand the heat and pressures of the rubber moulding process almost any metal can be bonded to rubber. However, each metal has a different chemical composition that can react to the type of rubber being used.

Expert advice

An important step is to determine the best metal type and grade as well as the optimal type of rubber to specify for the application. DP Seals can advise on the best rubber material and develop custom compounds with additives to aid metal bonding.

Brassed off

One problematic material is brass, which contains lead that chemically counteracts rubber bonding. The softer, free-cutting brass materials have higher lead content and can be difficult to bond. Better bond strength can be achieved with the lowest possible level of lead content. Substrate preparation is absolutely key along with timely application of two coat bonding agent systems.

Additional support

If you need further advice download our free rubber to metal bonding guide and get in touch with our materials technologists.