Created : 14th June 2019
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DP Seals are extremely proud of our very own Tina Isaac who recently completed the Race For Life.

The challenge started when Sarah Green (10260 in the picture) asked her best friend, our Tina (10262 in the picture), if she would run the race with her. Ten years ago Sarah bravely battled cancer and thanks to all the help received she is now fully recovered. Sarah decided to raise funds for the charity that helped her recovery and asked Tina to run with her.

Tina didn’t need to be asked twice and was very keen to enter the challenge and raise further funds. She had never done any running or walking events like this before and was very nervous yet excited. As the day grew closer Tina worked hard to get sponsorship from all her colleagues and friends and is very proud to say she that she raised £400.

Having partly run and walked the distance we’re pleased to say Tina is only suffering a slightly pulled groin muscle which she says ‘is worth it to get the funds’. Having enjoyed the experience so much Tina has now confirmed that she is entering again next year and is determined to beat the £400 target.

We wish her the best of luck!