Created : 24th May 2019
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9 Reasons for choosing custom rubber parts

Custom rubber parts offer some fantastic advantages but for many general applications standard rubber seals, gaskets and mouldings are fine. There may also be times when the up-front cost of a standard rubber part make it seem like the sensible option.

However if you’re unsure which route to take here are nine reasons for choosing a custom rubber part as a better alternative.

1. Intricate applications

A standard product just won’t do. For example, when the moulding is a major part of the end product, such as the rubber boot for the sub-sea cable connector pictured above. Its design is high on the engineer’s agenda!

2. Greater sealing surface

Custom seals can be designed with multiple point contact offering greater seal protection.

3. Lower friction

Custom rubber parts can be designed with less ‘squeeze’ to maintain a more effective seal. This results in reduced friction and can be combined with fluorination techniques.

4. Longer life

Customised materials and design can result in seals lasting longer.

5. Reduced maintenance and operational costs

This resulting longer seal life can lead to lower maintenance and operational costs.

6. Quality of finish

Tooling is designed to ensure finish and the ability to hold tolerances as required, including flash removal techniques.

7. Environmental

Criteria like temperature, pressure, liquids, contaminants, exposure to processes, light, out-gassing and just plain old water may necessitate a custom solution.

8. Regulations

Occasionally, the introduction of new regulations will extend the role of the seal. For example, a seal originally designed to prevent ingress of dirt and fluids into a ruggedised electronics unit can be enhanced to shield against EMI.

9. When you’re not even sure what rubber part you want!

Sometimes the requirement for a seal, gasket or moulding is only recognised late in the design process or perhaps you know you need a seal or moulding but aren’t exactly sure how it could work.

Whatever your situation reach out and get in touch. We can help.

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