DP Seals Micro Rubber Moulding Expertise

Ultra-small Flash-free mouldings

Demonstrating DP Seals’ expertise and experience in designing and manufacturing ultra small flash free rubber mouldings. In 1979 DP Seals produced a miniature O Ring with an internal diameter of just 0.05mm, what must have been a record at the time. Since then DP Seals’ unique patented moulding technology has enabled us to push the boundaries of what is possible and sets us apart from other manufacturers.

Multispark – In a league of their own

DP Seals and Multispark

DP Seals sponsored Thundercat team Multispark are seen here ripping it up off the Isle of Wight for the Freddie Flintoff/Jamie Redknapp sports program ‘In a league of their own’, hosted by James Corden.


Vlad's Shorts

Rubber to Metal

Screen for Vlad's R2M video

Here’s the latest short video from our staff member Vlad demonstrating DP Seals Rubber to Metal Bonding expertise.

Ultra Small Flash Free

Ultra Small Flash Free Seals

Our staff member Vlad shares his latest video, demonstrating interfacial connector seals with micro-pin holes that are flash free, super high quality. A great example of our ability to produce rubber components to an accuracy pushing the limits of what is achievable in our industry. Another reason of what sets us apart from other seal and rubber moulding companies.

DP Seals – Our very own shooting star

DP Seals by Vlad

Check out this stylish video. It’s the brainchild of our employee, Vladimir Miheev, and it’s a very distinctive insight into the life cycle of the extremely rare high quality widget (David Attenborough, eat your heart out).

In Conversation: Video 1 – Rubber Hardness

Dp Seals: In conversation video series

When a design engineer starts work on a project that involves rubber seals or mouldings, there are bound to be a whole series of questions that have to be answered during the process.

In Conversation: Video 2 – Rubber Tolerances

Dp Seals: In conversation video series

In the second ‘In conversation’ video, MD Andrew Piper provides answers to questions by designers from engineering companies regarding rubber tolerances.

In Conversation: Video 3 – Rubber Chemical Compatibility

Dp Seals: In conversation video series

We conducted a survey of design engineers and asked them what they really need to know in order to be confident that the rubber moulding, seal or gasket they specify will be the right one for the job. Obviously, there’s a range of properties that can come into the equation – and one of the key considerations we heard about was chemical compatibility.

In Conversation: Video 4 – Temperature

Dp Seals: In conversation video series

Temperature is covered in the fourth of our ‘In conversation’ videos where MD Andrew Piper provides answers to the questions set by design engineers from leading UK based and international engineering companies.