DP Seals to supply vital part of police breathalyser units

DP Seals, a leading supplier of high precision custom seals, gaskets and mouldings, has begun supplying a manufacturer of specialised breath alcohol analysis equipment with a custom designed Bellow seal, forming an integral part of UK police breathalyser units. Wales-based Lion Laboratories are now using the seal in their range of breathalyser units, which capture samples for accurate breath alcohol analysis.

The DP Seals Bellow, which weighs 0.12 grams and are 9 x 7.5 mm barrel shaped pieces, will hold the air supplied before moving it in the right direction of the sensor. The part is made from silicone rubber and, given the importance of securing a precise sample, the flex and hardness of the seal is extremely accurate.

Custom moulding for Lion Labs used in breathalyser units
DP Seals’ precision moulded bellows seal. One of the many Lion Labs models in which it plays an integral part and rudimental demonstration of the bellows action.

Lion Laboratories sourced DP Seals in order to gain more consistency with the product. After initial meetings between the two companies, DP Seals reviewed the design specification and created new moulding tools and refined the material composition, the new Bellow seal was then trialled amongst sample assemblies at Lion Laboratories Glamorgan-based branch before going into production.

The Bellow itself, of which Lion Laboratories used 17,500 of in 2013, doesn’t come in contact with the alcohol breath sample. Instead, it fires the sample in and causes the suction motion. A breath is blown through a tube attached to a fuel cell, then an outlet which runs through to a pressure transfuser. The Bellows will then open and close after drawing the air through the tube and the breath sample is captured and analysed.

Alan Holloway, Managing Director at Lion Laboratories comments: “We approached DP Seals for consistency purposes. The Bellows are an extremely important and delicate product – they simply can’t be inert. This will result in false samples which is unacceptable to us and our customer. The bellow design and product from DP Seals was very accurate towards our needs and we feel DP Seals understood our objectives and design spec from the outset.”

DP Seals Managing Director, Andrew Piper comments: “This contract reaffirms DP Seals’ reputation as a leading supplier of high precision custom seals. This product will play a pivotal role in ensuring UK police gain accurate readings in breathalyser units, thus playing a part in ensuring our roads are safer and drink drivers are punished. It is now our prerogative to become Lion Laboratories’ most reliable and trusted supplier and we look forward to forging a productive and healthy partnership.”

Lion Laboratories is based in Barry, South Wales and specialises in the field of breath alcohol analysis. It supplies much of the equipment used by the UK Police and exports to approximately 70 countries worldwide through a network of local distributors.