DP Seals increases commitment to aerospace industry

DP Seals has invested significantly in a new production facility for its aerospace business sector. The £150,000 investment, including a new 2,500 square foot unit equipped with two new large presses, will enable the AS 9100-accredited company both to increase production volumes and respond more quickly to demand for larger mouldings.

To support its growing aerospace business, DP Seals became one of the select few global AS 9100-accredited custom rubber moulding companies in 2009. Creating its new aerospace facility allows the company to maintain clear focus on the stringent requirements of this demanding quality management standard and on its recent BAE Systems accreditation. Steve Garrett has been appointed to manage operations in the facility.

At the heart of the facility are two new 300-ton moulding presses. Unlike the presses they replace, these presses use vacuum around the platen area, resulting in improved material flow and air management in larger mouldings, a cleaner atmosphere for the operators and longer life for the moulds. The facility’s manufacturing capability has been further augmented with additional dedicated product cleaning capability.

“Now, we can focus directly on our aerospace customer base and respond immediately to their enquiries. All aspects of aerospace production are centralised in the new facility, including the all-important product tracking documentation systems, with only inspection provided by the main factory.”
Steve Garrett, Aerospace Production Manager

DP Seals is a leading global supplier of high precision custom seals, gaskets and mouldings that now play a key role in a huge variety of industrial and commercial applications as diverse as Formula 1 racing cars, ticket machines on the London Underground and domestic steam cleaners; aerospace programmes include Airbus, Dreamliner, Black Hawk and Typhoon.