Instrumentation and Electronics

Custom gaskets, seals and mouldings for the instrumentation and electronics industry

DP Seals provides custom rubber components to meet your specific needs.

DP Seals understands that design engineers in the instrumentation and electronics industries have exacting standards for rubber sealing materials and components. If you require a specialist custom rubber seals and moulding supplier which can provide high precision, consistency, reliability and has a forte for composing specific blends of materials for your individual requirements then you should consider DP Seals.

From silicone rubber bellows for specialised breath alcohol analysis equipment, where the flex and hardness of the seal has to be extremely accurate, to interfacial seals for high-density PCB connectors requiring high accuracy and precision DP Seals has got it covered. Our ability to produce very thin, flash free components incorporating tiny holes to an accuracy pushing the limits of what is achievable in our industry sets us apart from other seal and rubber moulding companies.

One of our recent innovations we are incorporating into our manufacturing for the electronics industry is over moulding to create a multiple layer component from highly conductive Carbon nanotube grades combined with highly insulative Silicones.

We have experience with the following products and sectors: Semi-conductor, capacitors, switches, printing machines, sensors, hand held devices, custom sports equipment, transport.

Rubber materials expertise built on 40 years of experience

Developing custom rubber gaskets, seals and mouldings for the varied and innovative requirements of our many customers over 40 years has enabled us to build an unrivalled in-depth knowledge of rubber material performance. Material selection is key to helping our customers achieve their objectives and we have experience in working with neoprenes, nitriles, EPDM, HNBR and cutting edge polymers like silicone fluoroelastomer, nanotech additives and fillers through to Viton Extreme and perfluoroelastomers like FFKM.

Working closely with customers, we continually research and innovate to develop exactly the right blend of rubber compound for the required application resulting in enhanced longevity, improved performance and the best cost/benefit approach.

You can be assured of the quality of our custom rubber gaskets, seals and mouldings

Starting with material blend selection, through tool development and prototype mouldings to volume delivery, DP Seals specialists support all stages of manufacturing, from polymer material preparation through cleaning to inspection and quality assurance; all of which is fully integrated into the company’s rigorous AS 9100 quality regimen, which incorporates ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

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Instrumentation & electronics waterproof seal
From F1 to Mobility Scooters! This electronic drive unit is protected by a rubber connector seal and perimeter gasket against harmful fluids, water, salt and dust. Tested to IP65 and 67 standards.

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