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DP Seals is a leading supplier to world renowned aerospace engineering teams including Eaton Aerospace, Moog, Saywell International, Flight refuelling, Rolls Royce, BAE, Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Embraer, Fokker, Eurofighter, F35, Lockheed Martin, Panavia Typhoon, Saab Gripen, AgustaWestland, Sikorsky, Leonardo and Westland Lynx. Working on design, research and development and prototyping of components right through to manufacturing, we operate from a dedicated Aerospace unit with a team of skilled operatives providing unrivalled experience and expertise in this specialist area of activity.

Precision aerospace component manufacturers of custom rubber gaskets, seals and mouldings

Around the world, these leading military and civil avionics companies rely on our custom rubber aerospace seals, mouldings, glands and boots to operate in the harsh environments commonly experienced by their fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Our mouldings are routinely produced to the highest levels of precision and quality, with innovative and effective solutions that cover a comprehensive range of applications from galley seals in the Airbus A380 to anti-vibration missile mounts on the Saab Gripen.

We have particular expertise in rubber-to-metal bonding, producing complex components that play a vital role in fuel and hydraulic systems in both legacy and new aircraft. Specific metal parts, treatments such as anodising and conversions are all provided by our own Nadcap approved partners, enabling us to supply fully integrated rubber-metal components with complete traceability, assured quality and enhanced cost-effectiveness.

Aerospace industry rubber materials expertise

Developing custom rubber mouldings for demanding aerospace applications requires knowledge both of materials and environment. Working hand-in-hand with aerospace engineers DP Seals complies with the rigorous AS 9100 quality regimen in all aspects of its work through providing advice on material blend selection, tool development, prototype mouldings to volume delivery of materials, ensuring that products meet specification.

Specially formulated rubber polymers can be developed to ensure high tensile strength, fuel/oil tolerance and effectiveness at low pressures and temperatures intrinsic to aerospace environments. And, to meet requests from engineering companies at the cutting edge of their technologies, we continuously investigate new compounds through our on-going R&D programme. From nitriles, neoprenes and silicones through high-performance Viton Extreme and FFKM to cutting edge polymers like silicone perfluoroelastomer and nanotech rubbers, DP Seals uses its 40-year experience in rubber chemistry to work with compounders to develop the right blend for your application.

  • Diaphragms
  • Rubber to metal bonded parts
  • Fire Shut-off Valve Seals
  • Check Valve Seals
  • Ball Valve Seals
  • Aerial Refuelling Transfer Pump Seals
  • Feed, Scavenge & Transfer Jet Pump Seals
  • Fuel Pump Seals
  • Custom O-ring seals
  • HTE Seals

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Selection of rubber seals, mouldings and rubber-to-metal bonded aerospace components manufactured by DP Seals

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