COVID-19, Business Update – March 2020

DP Seals are involved in the manufacture of custom rubber mouldings used in several critical industries. Our components are used in essential life saving respiratory equipment supplied to Emergency Services, Government and Military organisations.  Additionally, our products are used in safety critical applications in the Oil and Gas, Nuclear Energy, Defence, Transport Industries and are also used in medical devices.

As an essential business DP Seals will therefore continue to operate.

To maintain operations DP Seals have enforced a policy to minimise risk, to all staff, adhering to strict sanitary measures.

We see the short-term outlook as very challenging as we do expect disruption to the supply chain. To try and mitigate this we are maintaining regular contact with all our supply chain.  Thus far we are seeing minimum disruption, and any customers affected by these disruptions have already been informed.  We have also reviewed our stocks of raw materials and are confident that we have adequate stocks in place to deal with our regular repeat orders.

If you are concerned or have had any changes to your demands, please inform us immediately so we can plan effectively.

We will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis.