Silicone rubber moulding versatility

Silicone characteristics

Due to the characteristics outlined in this article, silicone is used in a wide range of industries including medical, aerospace, automotiveelectronicsenergysubseafood and more.

Here are some of the characteristics that make it such an excellent material. 

Silicone thermal stability and insulation

Silicone can operate effectively in both extremely high and low temperatures retaining its flexibility in the latter. This makes it suitable for many aerospace and subsea applications. It is also flame retardant and offers excellent electrical insulation making it a good choice for instrumentation and electronics. At DP Seals we can also make silicone conductive with the use of carbon nanotube technology,  silver loaded particles and other additives.

Resistant, naturally inert, and non-toxic

In addition to excellent temperature resistance silicone can be formulated so that it is also resistant to many other materials including bases, acids, chemicals, oil and fungus. Its chemical and biological inertness make it an excellent choice of material, particularly in the medical industry where it remains non-reactive to chemicals and human tissue. But this resistance also makes it ideal for many other industries where rubber mouldings are required to operate in hazardous environments.


Porosity is obviously of major concern for the medical industry. Porous rubber materials that trap bacteria, fluids or other microorganisms can cause infection or irregularities in the surface of devices which impact on performance. A major benefit in this respect is that medical grade silicone is non-porous. 

Silicone sterilisation

Compatible with FDA regulations, silicone can withstand electron beam, gamma radiation, ethylene oxide, steam autoclaving and dry heat sterilisation methods.

Moulding versatility of siliccone

Silicone can be manufactured as translucent or in any colour and can be colour matched to a particular pantone or RAL code, or even glow in the dark. It is easy to mould and customise, making it a great material for innovative designs and custom rubber seals, gaskets and mouldings


Silicone is also an extremely dynamic material and has excellent mechanical properties meaning it is very reliable and performs well over long periods.

To find out more about the properties of silicone and its common applications visit our silicone page.

Common silicone materials

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At DP Seals we are material specialists involved in custom rubber compounds enabling us to supply materials to your exact requirements so please get in touch with our materials technologists so we can discuss your needs.

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